Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am really bad at these things...

My blogging history is a spectacular failure. I've started a few --all under the premise that my words would ring true in the eyes of everyone. That hundreds, no thousands, would flock to my page and soak up my every word as if they were the teachings of Christ himself.

They, as you can imagine, fell extremely flat, and thus I lost interest, letting them die a silent death in cyberspace.

Now here I am again.

Oh boy.

I certainly am keeping my hopes a bit more realistic for this one. My problem with these blogs, is that in the end, I have absolutely no clue what to write on. My previous attempts were a video game review blog (I did one game), and journal consisting of my incessant complaining about coworkers. I can't imagine why nobody was interested!

Regardless, I started a new one, not because I am a masochist, but because I figured it would be a good start for my novel I am writing. Don't ask why, it makes sense to me.

I wish I could give a solid list of things to expect, and perhaps in time that will come. For now, though, one can expect some mindless chatter, frustrations about the writing process, and the occasional posts of short fiction. Which I think I'll get to doing right now...

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